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Experience Gathering Methods

Mystery Shopping

Our well designed mystery shopping programs will help you

  • Document and track the strengths and weaknesses in your customer service processes.
  • Verify that your products are being upsold or displayed according to your requirements.
  • Identify staff members who are exceeding expectations or who need additional training
  • Assist with acquiring competitive intelligence, and help protect your brand’s reputation.

Customer Feedback

Our experience teaches that your customers will not tell you when they are dissatisfied, even if asked. But, they will tell us.

Star Excellence is our robust market research survey tool that –

  • Identifies what your day-to-day customers want, think, and experience.
  • Allows your customers to remain anonymous.
  • Delivers immediate access to actionable data.
  • Offers cumulative reporting for each round of surveys.
  • Provides a complete picture of performance and customer perceptions when used in combination with Mystery Shopping

Employee Engagement Surveys and Services

Service Connections creates and administers fully customized on-site and virtual employee feedback survey campaigns aimed to help your business –

  • Improve employee retention.
  • Reduce unplanned attrition.
  • Identify star performers.
  • Measure the employee experience.

Event Evaluations

Service Connections will evaluate every aspect of your event while capturing streams of feedback from all of your important stakeholders (guests, organizers, volunteers, vendors, speakers, etc.).

Your Surveys will be anonymously submitted online or in person, and results can be delivered in real time or as an end-of-event summary. Our reports provide a review of the data, actionable suggestions, and summarized narrative trends contributing to successful future events.

Custom Research

Your Business decisions must be based on all the facts. Do you have all the facts?

Service Connections will keep you informed of your customers’ needs and the product, service offerings, and pricing they want.

Data Gathering Methods

Service Connections uses a variety of proprietary methods to gather the information you need to improve your business. We work with our clients to determine which methods best fit their information needs, their budget and their customers’ needs.


Service Connections is skilled and equipped in conducting a variety of interview methods such as –  

  • Live in-person
  • Virtual ‘face-to-face’ online (perfect for testing your potential advertising campaign by sharing documents with interviewees virtually)
  • In-depth telephone discussions with stakeholders
  • Web Technology
  • Customer intercepts at points of sale or service

Questionnaires and Surveys

Service Connections will design and implement your survey. We are skilled at collecting data online, via mail, and in-person. 

Using Service Connections, a third-party company, to conduct surveys is the best way to obtain candid and frank responses. Customers avoid negative feedback and are rarely honest with interviewers from your organization.

On Site Obervations

Service Connections personnel will visit your establishment and discover your company’s strengths and weaknesses firsthand. 

We are the Secret to Your Success!

Focus Groups

When you want to delve into specific issues and problems or brainstorm on potential solutions, a focus group may be the answer. 

Service Connections’ trained moderators can help you –

  • Identify your stakeholders’ perceptions and thoughts.
  • Discover why certain consumers are not (yet) your customers.
  • Test marketing materials, and more.

We listen to participants’ words, use probing interview techniques to gather more details, and observe their nonverbal communications to provide you the best insights.

Analysis & Reporting

At Service Connections, we help our clients by saving them time and money. We solve the puzzle for you. We make market research simple. We sort through hundreds of observations and determine the trends. We develop actionable recommendations to help you determine future improvement strategies. Our analysis and reporting is customized for each client and includes narrative summaries, graphs, charts, “verbatims,” and more.

We are the Secret to Your Success!

Solution Design & Deployment

We know research and analysis is just one facet of running your business. The data we collect must be used, and we work closely with our clients to help them determine exactly what should be done next. We help our clients share research results with their management teams; we customize and implement training programs to correct any problems; and we develop employee recognition programs to reward your best employees.


Service Connections will assist you with all your training needs. We develop customized programs based on the data we obtain from our research, mystery shops, employee engagement programs, and consumer feedback. We conduct training in a variety of ways – face-to-face instructor led training; train the trainer; or online e-training.

A robust training program will assist you in retaining staff and contribute to delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

Recognition Programs

An organized employee recognition program will motivate your team to provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Service Connections designs programs that encourage teamwork, employee loyalty, and increased product revenue.

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