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Whether you run a zoo, aquarium, amusement park, bowling alley, museum, or other attraction, Service Connections can help. We evaluate every aspect of your business while capturing separate streams of feedback from all of your most important stakeholders (guests, employees, donors, and more).

Our mystery shopping services and guest surveys will give you a full picture of the customer experience. Add in employee feedback and your organization will have all the data it needs to grow its market and delight visitors. Our reports provide a review of the data, actionable suggestions, and summarized narrative trends plus we review trends over time.

For example, our visitor survey can help you discover (among other things):

  • How attendees learned about your attraction 
  • What they liked and disliked about their visit
  • What they would change about the attraction
  • Why they would (or would not) recommend your business and visit again
  • How employees interacted with visitors

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Service Connections, Inc., is a market research and mystery shopping company with decades of experience delivering reliable and effective market research and mystery shopping services across the United States. We are a certified women’s business enterprise (WBE).

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